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Feb. 4th, 2008


Unexpectedly, the study found similar rates of vaginal infections among women, whether or not their partners were circumcised, and a slightly increased risk for HIV if their infected partners were circumcised. The HIV risk could have been purely the result of chance, but researchers were alarmed that instead of clearly reducing the danger, it showed a trend toward increasing it.

Dr. Maria Wawer, the Johns Hopkins scientist who led the project, said the disappointing findings were all too familiar in HIV research. "We all want to find the next step in understanding this incredibly clever virus," she said. "No matter where we hit it, it seems to pop up in another direction."

You don't say.

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if you check his youtube account the duet he does by himself (a whole new world) is also amazing.

Dr. Ahmadu, a post-doctoral fellow at the University of Chicago, was raised in America and then went back to Sierra Leone as an adult to undergo the procedure along with fellow members of the Kono ethnic group. She has argued that the critics of the procedure exaggerate the medical dangers, misunderstand the effect on sexual pleasure, and mistakenly view the removal of parts of the clitoris as a practice that oppresses women. She has lamented that her Westernized “feminist sisters insist on denying us this critical aspect of becoming a woman in accordance with our unique and powerful cultural heritage.

Dr. Shweder says that many Westerners trying to impose a “zero tolerance” policy don’t realize that these initiation rites are generally controlled not by men but by women who believe it is a cosmetic procedure with aesthetic benefits. He criticizes Americans and Europeans for outlawing it at the same they endorse their own forms of genital modification, like the circumcision of boys or the cosmetic surgery for women called “vaginal rejuvenation.” After surveying studies of female circumcision and comparing the data with the rhetoric about its harmfulness, Dr. Shweder concludes that “‘First World’ feminist issues and political correctness and activism have triumphed over the critical assessment of evidence.”
So I got some really shitty service at Olive Garden a few weeks ago. I took my friend Max (who is morbidly obese - this is relevant to the story) and the kids out for dinner. The first thing that happens when the waitress arrives is she looks at me, the kids, me, and kinda of smirks. Then she notices Max and kind of stares in horror, and then mumbles and asks if we want any drinks. She does not offer wine as every other waitress did to every other table (or even ask to card me to see if I was 21) and when she went to take our order she was pretty short with us. When Max and I decided to split a plate of ravioli (as, of course unknown to her, he's working on losing weight and has already lost 50lbs so he didn't want too much or anything really heavy) she looks back and forth between us and goes "are you sure you want to split that...it may be too.....small?" I commented that I've eaten the meal before but thanks for her concern. She said about 3 words to us the rest of the night, didn't check on us, nothing. I tipped her 10% (because I don't feel that if a server sucks they should have to pay for our meal - see they get taxed 10% whether I tip or not) and then promptly wrote to Olive Garden and explained it all to them. They thanked me and told me they would have a chat with all of the staff about the treatment of customers and then sent me a 50 dollar gift card as an apology.

For a meal I spent $15 on.

You know, I didn't write them to get a gift card, I mean I've complained to places before and I know that's what they do sometimes...but honestly I just don't think people should be treated that way and I wanted them to say something to her and that was it. Shit.
HPV In Men's Fingernails

Laura Koutsky, a University of Washington epidemiologist, and colleagues have identified traces of the human papillomavirus under the fingernails of young men, a finding that could "throw a monkey wrench" in the debate over a distribution of HPV vaccines, the Seattle Post-Intelligencer reports. According to the Post-Intelligencer, HPV is primarily a sexually transmitted infection, and some opponents of mandating HPV vaccines for girls have said such regulations could send a message that "sex at a young age is acceptable behavior" (Paulson, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 7/31).

Earlier this year, 24 states and Washington, D.C., considered proposals to mandate HPV vaccination for middle-school age girls, but Virginia is the only state to have passed such a measure. Debate over the measures involved issues including teenage sex, parental control and state mandates, as well as concerns about long-term health effects of the vaccine and pharmaceutical company lobbying (Kaiser Daily Women's Health Policy Report, 5/21). According to Lauri Markowitz, a CDC expert on HPV, more than 40 states have enacted legislation encouraging wider use of HPV vaccines.

Koutsky, who led some clinical trials and research that led to the development of Merck's HPV vaccine Gardasil, said the presence of HPV in fingernails suggests that the virus might have another transmission route. She added the results could help explain why HPV infection has been found in infants and young girls who had not become sexually active. However, Koutsky said there is no evidence that HPV can be contracted through contact such as a handshake.

According to the Post-Intelligencer, Koutsky's findings could "give pause to those arguing" against an HPV vaccine from a "moral" perspective. "Basically, it's not just about sex," Koutsky said, adding, "You have to know how people [contract HPV] in order to prevent it." She also said that at some point it will become evident that boys and young men also should be vaccinated against the virus (Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 7/31).


More on the Chicago case decision

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Witnesses for the boy's mother argued he had suffered infections underneath
his foreskin. The father's expert witnesses said the mother had wrongly
retracted his foreskin in order to clean his penis and had irritated the

I called that months ago. I knew his infections were going to be somehow caused by the mother. My guesses were either she was using some kind of soap (laundry of bath) that he was maybe sensitive to or that she was forcibly retracting. How sad for him, no wonder he screamed everytime she touched or came near his penis (reported by her lawyers a few months ago) - if someone was doing the equivilent of tearing MY hymen* everytime they bathed me, I'd scream too.

*During childhood it's fused to the penis the same way the fingernail is fused to the finger bed for the same reasons - protects it againts dirt, bacteria, etc (that's part of why intact boys don't/can't get meatal stenosis as meatal stenosis is directly caused by a lack of foreskin) - it serves the same function/purpose of the hymen. It loosens around puberty obviously, it doesn't stay that way just like the hymen doesn't stay intact after being broken. But what the mom was doing could potentially cause him some issues with scarring.

Judge rules against boy’s circumcision

By Judy Peres
Tribune staff reporter
Published October 24, 2006, 10:48 AM CDT

In a case that has been closely watched by anti-circumcision groups nationwide, a Cook County judge today ruled that a 9-year-old Northbrook boy should not be circumcised against his will.

The court battle pitted the boy's divorced parents against each other, with the mother and her new husband claiming that the operation was necessary to prevent recurrent irritation and infection. The boy's father sought an injunction to bar the circumcision.

The Tribune is not naming the parents in order to protect the boy's privacy.

In a written opinion handed down today, Circuit Judge Jordan Kaplan found that "the evidence was conflicting and inconclusive as to any past infections or irritations that may have been suffered by the child."

"Moreover," he continued, "this court also finds that medical evidence as provided by the testimony of the expert witnesses for each of the parties is inconclusive as to the medical benefits or non-benefits of circumcision as it relates to the 9-year-old child."

The case was a clear victory for the growing number of so-called "intactivist groups" across the country that have argued that circumcision is harmful and violates the rights of children who are not old enough to consent to the irreversible medical procedure.

Kaplan, who also cited the irreversible nature of the operation, said his order would remain in effect until the boy turns 18, when he can decide for himself whether or not he wants to be circumcised.more...Collapse )

"We're disappointed of course". Love that line. It's like they're saying, "We're dissapointed that several medical experts and a judge have determined that the boy is actually fine and doesn't actually need surgery because we sure wanted him to have to go through surgery". There was a LOT of speculation that the mother wanted this because her new husband was Jewish but I really hate to think of ANYONE wanting someone to forcibly convert like that...

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